A graphic designer, dancer, writer, bathroom singer, and overweight model. I’m often told I am poetic and passionate. Who I really am is a person who is often confused with the web of ideas my brain constantly tries to weave. Most of which are pretty useless I must say. And then of course there is the real worldwide web that weaves stuff I really don’t have room for. But I make room anyways. I told you I’m confused.

I am most creative in my car on my drive to my daughter’s school from work. But my brain is like a juice box. It is so easy for my little one to put in a straw and suck the creativity out of my head and crush it. She sometimes fills it with mush in return. I shouldn’t say mush. She fills my head with poetry. Even she knows her mom is poetic. “Girls go to college to get more knowledge and boys go to Jupiter to get more stupider.” This, my dear readers, is real poetry.

Everything about me and my life is real. A single mom, with a beautiful and extremely talented, free-spirited daughter. We both make quite the team and very soon will rule the world. When we do, you can tell everyone you knew us (through this blog) and share some of our fame.

Previously blogged here.


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