I Let You Go


Photo credit: Memories by Michelle

I let you go
A very long time ago
So much so
That I have nothing to hold back to anymore

I close my eyes
Trying hard to rely
On memories that fail me
However hard I try

I remember though
The bedroom closet I hid behind
Tears streaming down my eyes
Trying to shut off the noise
Praying the knife
Would not penetrate the precious soul

I remember your beauty
That faded so fast
Which sits now on my bedside
In a frame
Hollow with the pain it casts

Forgive me
For I cannot be there for you now
To hold you, to comfort you
Like I needed
All those years growing up

I let you go
A very long time ago
Because deep down
That was the only thing I could control


  1. spicesandpisces · February 11, 2017

    Love and hugs. Letting go is sometimes the best way to control.


  2. Mala · February 11, 2017

    Thank you. It takes time but eventually you learn and sometimes you still can’t. If I have ever craved one role of a person in my life, it has been that of this woman.


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