Unfinished Stories

I’m always writing something or the other and leaving them unfinished, a. because I have to run for mommy duty, or b. I’m too tired and fall asleep. Not sure what happened in this case and I found it today buried in a folder. Even though I never completed this story, when I read it with fresh eyes today, it seems good to go. As is in life, some stories are better left unfinished. 🙂


There was once a little boy whose dad left him to travel far and wide to live his life. This made the boy very sad. His mom made sure the boy never got to see his dad ever again. A few years later when his dad once came to catch a glimpse of him, his mom convinced her boy that he was there to take him away by force, against his will. That would be the last day he would ever lay eyes on him. She worked really hard to bring him up and reminded him every day what a horrible thing his dad had done. The boy grew up never knowing his father, apart from all the terrible things he had heard about him from his mom. He stopped feeling sad. He started feeling angry.

It made the mother happy. Happy to now have her son all to herself. A son who believed she was right all the time. A son who understood how much she had sacrificed. A son who knew she was the victim and a son who would from here on love only her.

Years passed, the boy grew up under the care of his mother. He spent not only his college years with her, but when time came to venture out for work, he chose to be in close proximity so she was not alone. They were a happy twosome. And then the inevitable happened.

He fell in love…

With another woman.

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