The Tri-Colored Weekend

This past weekend was eventful, especially for Indians. India’s Prime Minister was visiting Silicon Valley and close to 17,000 Indians (this number progressively increases in various FB posts) thronged to see him and an elaborate opening act with major technical glitches that came with it. The weekend also hosted an Arijit Singh concert.

While Indians here in the Silicon Valley and Sacramento area were in a great dilemma which way to go, Indians everywhere in the world changed their Facebook profile picture to the tri-colored Indian flag to support the Digital India Initiative. Those who did not change their profile pic, started posting a link to how Facebook plans to use these pictures to show support for its controversial program. If that was not enough, Facebook was also flooded with a viral rumor (thankfully this had nothing to do with India) that they would soon charge $5.99 per month for those wanting to keep their information private.

So guess what all those folks who thought their Facebook information was “private” all along do? They posted and shared that damn notice over and over again. This was only to be followed by all the smart ones who know that any information on the net is not “private” starting posting stupid jokes about this hoax.

The weekend did not just end there. Indians had two other major events that closed the weekend for them on Sunday night, series premier of Quanitco starring the gorgeous bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra on ABC and the lesser known Indian Summers on PBS.

What did I do? I slept through it all. I felt bad and later tried catching up with everything, especially Modi’s speech. But by the second or third dance performance when they could not figure out how to get the music working, I fell asleep again. I was prepared to hear our Prime Minister speak, not watch a cultural show (no offense to the performers who did a brilliant job). Trying to then get caught up with Facebook had become quite mind-boggling. By then, a video of Modi trying to get Zuckerberg out of his way from blocking the camera had gone viral. There were several versions of this video with different frame per second speeds. So I decided to make the more intelligent choice and get caught up with the two new TV shows instead.

Oh wait, I missed the super blood moon. That happened this past weekend too. Like I said, I slept through it all and it was beautiful. But thank you Facebook, I now know all and I did not even have to pay anything.

Here’s to Modi’s PR team, Digital India, Net Neutrality and Priyanka Chopra. Jai Hind!



  1. Sudipta Chatterjee · October 2, 2015

    LOL! You know, at least now I know who to un-friend on Facebook first 🙂


    • Mala's Masala · October 2, 2015

      Mwahahaha! Btw, I have been unfriended by many since I cannot keep my big mouth shut 😛


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