Stay strong, I’ve been told
Since I was only five years old
I clenched my heart
Dried my tears
And taught myself over the years
To smile, when I was sad
To dance, when my limbs were sore
For strong I had to be
Until this was the only way I could be me

You are strong, I’m now often told
But my tears will no longer hold
I don’t want to be strong,
Fight, or believe my faith is wrong
I want to fall, knowing I will be held
Make mistakes, knowing I can erase
Weep, knowing I will be caressed
I want to be five again
To be told I won’t feel pain


  1. Kunal · May 27, 2015

    very well written!!!


  2. spicesandpisces · May 27, 2015

    Beautiful Munni di.


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