Earth Day Musings

My tiny office plant has been shedding its fat leaves like crazy. In the past I’ve killed plants for not watering them enough and now I think I am killing this one by watering it too much. This makes me very depressed, especially on Earth Day. At least the pot that holds the plant is biodegradable forest-friendly made from bamboo plant fiber. In hindsight, I think it’s better for the Earth that I not touch ANY plants. There you go, this will be my green day contribution and explain why I’ve been with my lawn guy for over a decade. I probably should have just married him. It was a tough choice between him and the electrician dude. My home could use some serious electrical work. I should rethink my strategy.

I just came across this fascinating blog, Chai Wallahs of India, and felt kind of sad that I don’t drink tea. Which is pretty surprising, given I’ve been born and brought up in Kolkata where there is a tea stall in every corner of every street…

I started writing the above paragraph last night but did not find enough time to complete my entire thought, and now this plant thing completely distracted me and I’m lost. This pretty much sums up my life right now. I’ve given wrong dates to the same friend twice in a row, used a tampon with the wrapper on (yes, I really did that), could not figure out how to reset the water filter setting on the fridge even though it said right there “press to reset water filter”. I’m either losing it, or finally my brain is metamorphosing into the genius and crazy types. I would like to think the latter, but sadly not.

I cannot seem to shut off my brain. It’s on constant planning mode. From daily snacks to retirement planning (which is looking very dire I must say), and everything in between, makes my head hurt. I spent almost an hour today trying to finalize an entire summer care schedule for my daughter. I cannot even begin to tell you how much planning that required. At the end of it I wanted to cry and tell everyone there is something really wrong with the world we live in.

Then I log on to Facebook and my doubt about the world is confirmed. 😛

Happy Earth Day!


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