Once Upon A Friday…(aka test first post)

Once upon a Friday, I was bored and thought to myself, Mala’s Masala needs some spicing up. So, here I am. New blog space, new year, new goals and all the same ol’ bullshit. I inserted new goals in the previous sentence because something tells me I should have new goals in the new year, and it also sounds good together. But in all honesty, I don’t. Definitely does not mean I’m a person with no goals. Just stop judging!

I now move along to real stories on real Friday mornings, because my life is really interesting. It is. So, dear FITMOM3, when you have a license plate that has the word fit in it, you lead me to believe that you are smart too. Because everyone knows, fit body = fit minds, right? It also tells me you love staying fit which = you love exercising. So, when you are dropping your child off to school, why, oh why, would you double park in such a way that blocks other cars (this says to me you are NOT smart) and why can’t you park at a proper spot and walk the short extra distance to the gate (this says to me you are NOT fit). So now comes the big question – why DO you have the FITMOM3″ license plate??? And there are 3 of you out there as far as I know. Oh my! You can very well be a movie. I could also share my experiences with GNGERR and PDA CEO today, but I’ll save you further moronic tales. Just saying, I think it is a bad idea to have customized license plates. It makes for easy judging for folks like me and also the road rage lingers on.

The only reason I bring up the movie reference is because, last weekend I watched Taken 3. Yes, part three of the same freakin’ movie. I don’t think I’ve ever watched part three of any movie. But then again there was Hangover3 and of course the Bourne series and the Ocean’s 11 trilogy. There was a Spiderman 3 too – right? My memory is all too fuzzy now. I guess I’ll take my previous comment back. While watching Taken 3 at Regal Placerville (that is all together a separate blog post), I saw the trailer of Fast & Furious 7. Yes, seven. How did they even manage to do that??? Don’t any of them have real jobs? Maybe FITMOM3 should watch FAST & FURIOUS 7.

Talking about jobs, I love my job. It’s the reaching work at a certain time in the morning that does not sit well with me. In fact it stresses me out a lot and I’ve realized this morning stress is slowly nibbling away at my lifeline. Since I am going to die soon out of stress or live but completely lose my mind, there is no point in setting new goals.

Dear new year, I have not set any goals. We’ll just have to wing it, what say?

Hope to see ya’ll around. Have a great weekend!

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